97.5 per cent of our customers would recommend us...

This is the remarkable result of a representative survey covering more than 1,240 customers in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Central and Eastern European countries and Georgia and Canada (further information). Against this background, we can rightly claim that our core value of service excellence is not mere lip service but day-to-day reality.

Here we have compiled further proof of this for you on the basis of specific customer reports. Perhaps these will provide food for thought for you when managing your own supply chains. We would be delighted to have the opportunity of adding you to our list of satisfied customers. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Cargo and groupage freight: GW pro.line

Seamless services on 10.5 million square kilometres.

GW pro.line is the Europe-wide general cargo and groupage freight product combining all of our top services. This means: daily departures, defined transit times and specified quality standards.

Our modular range of services includes the Basic product as well as additional Premium services. With these, we guarantee delivery on a fixed day before 16, 12, 10 or 9 h at selected locations. In this way, we achieve the highest level of reliability and planning security for our customers.

The entire product line of GW pro.line is completed with optional extra services such as delivery notification, cash on delivery, handling of hazardous goods and customs clearance.

Part and full load system: GW direct.line

Fast. Prompt. Efficient.

GW direct.line is the perfect part and full load system for your direct European distribution. Due to our extensive network of branches and partners, we can ensure enough cargo space to be available at all times. We also make sure your shipment is transported via the most efficient route and reaches its European destination safely and on time.

For you this means: maximum flexibility as well as planning security through individually agreed upon transit times and flexible departures. Additional services such as customs clearance, the transport of hazardous goods and delivery notification round off GW direct.line as a product for LTL and FTL solutions.