Home delivery service

GW pro.line home: our solution for tailor-made deliveries to your end customers.

GW pro.line home provides a convenient solution for last-mile deliveries to your customers. Whether it is small items of furniture, white goods, brown goods, small appliances or fitness machines, Gebrüder Weiss delivers consignments exactly where your customers need them.

We guarantee defined door-to-door transit times of 24 or 48 hours. The main advantage: our practical two-person handling service takes care of both delivery and unpacking and connecting the appliances. Take the GW route!
Further details can be found in our  folder.

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Overview of the services we offer:

● Punctual collection from the manufacturer or dealer
● Self-collection from the goods distribution centre
● Secure loading by experienced staff
● Cross-docking

● Setting of an individual
delivery date
● Three delivery and
collection windows
● Text message reminder on
day of delivery
● Phone call 30 minutes
ahead of delivery
● Track & Trace

● Delivery to private households (B2C) throughout Austria
● White goods, brown goods, furniture, small appliances and fitness machines
● Defined door-to-door transit times (24 or 48 hours)
● Delivery in the evenings and on Saturdays
● Express consignments

● Appliance unpacking and connection
● Installation and furniture assembly service
● Specially trained staff

● Professional disassembly of old appliances
● Correct disposal at approved centres

Returns Management
● Return transport from the customer (optional appliance loan service)
● Consignment unpacking and packaging material disposal
● Return shipment checks according to set criteria
● Packaging and labelling of saleable returns
● Inventory posting