Economic, environmental and social.

Acting sustainably is central to our quality commitment policy. For some time now, this has been much more than simply regulating our level of traffic on the roads. Intelligent logistics begins with analysing the entire system of procurement and distribution processes of our customers. This involves reassessing existing delivery chains and selecting the appropriate modes of transport. Once the different logistics chains have been optimally attuned to one another, the system can run like clockwork, synergies are optimally utilised and costs and CO2 emissions are reduced as a result.

Gebrüder Weiss has maintained this business culture since the 1970s – without any legal obligation: all our branches have been provided with railway sidings and investments were made in modern technologies such as geothermal heating systems. Since 2009, Gebrüder Weiss, as the leading Austrian logistics service provider, has published an annual sustainability report in accordance with the internationally recognised standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). In this report, we describe the three pillars of sustainable action, according to our understanding: economic, environmental and social responsibility.

By virtue of its solid financial basis, Gebrüder Weiss is independent and strategically oriented towards long-term success. This takes clear priority over the maximising of quarterly results. We put particular emphasis on being pro-active, as well as on the ability to find solutions and implement them, since these factors – together with our power of innovation – are necessary for maintaining and extending our competitiveness in the future.

We also have a responsibility to protect the environment. Resource-saving solutions, alternative concepts and measures which consider the requirements of present and future generations play an important role here. Both in its operations and in its strategic orientation, a meaningful interaction between economic and ecological factors is promoted. We play a pioneering role here in the areas of transport carriers, energy and technology.

Sensible handling of the available resources is a significant aspect of our environmental measures. Improvement of fuel efficiency and the reduction of the resulting greenhouse gases have the highest priority. Ongoing network optimisation and implementation of innovative transport solutions continue to be important components. Through measures which have already been implemented and ongoing improvements, we have succeeded in improving efficiency and setting the course for a future with a small carbon footprint.

At Gebrüder Weiss, social sustainability means active responsibility. For us, corporate social responsibility (CSR) means shared responsibility for the beneficial development of the social environment in which we operate. Our worldwide employees are naturally a priority for us, with their safety and satisfaction most important. Support for charitable organisations is also deeply rooted in our culture. Examples are our partnerships with the aid organisations NÖVSV and WU Vienna.