What we stand for. How we think and act.

Gebrüder Weiss is characterised by a strong corporate culture. Four core values form the pillars, which support the structure of Gebrüder Weiss beyond the country’s borders, connect people within the company and at the same time represent the mission statement for daily work: Independence, Sustainability, Commitment and Service Excellence. 

the orange way of Independence
We have a long history as an independent family company with a solid basis and we are constantly developing. Our independence enables us to determine the direction and rate of our development for ourselves. Long-standing partnerships enrich our network. Our central concern is the current and future requirements of our customers, who can rely on GW's ability to perform. 

the orange way of Sustainability
We want and need sustained success in order to ensure that we remain competitive through investment and innovation. We are also conscious of our great responsibility in the area of transport and logistics to develop and deploy state-of-the-art environmentally-friendly and sustainable systems.

the orange way of Commitment
Our distinctive company profile stands out both internally and externally. Our highly professional approach is demonstrated by superior commitment to, engagement with and respect for our customers and staff. An exceptional identification by loyalty, willingness to learn and trust making top performances possible. 

the orange way of Service Excellence
Our aim is to impress our customers. Therefore, our day-to-day work is based on exceptional service quality. With a seamless organisation extending across national borders, we have created the optimum conditions. Our staff's expertise and solution-oriented approach are impressive. We continually strive to improve, every day and everywhere, and shape the future proactively.