Train the Orange Expert

The trainee programme for a successful start into a professional career.

Each spring and autumn, Gebrüder Weiss Vienna, located in Maria Lanzendorf, offers up to three young people the opportunity to participate in a trainee programme. The programme invites for a solid start into their professional life. 

HAK, HBLA or HTL graduates (with a fulfilled military or civil service) are invited to join the programme and enjoy a solid start into their professional life. The one-year training programme is based on the following principles:

  • "Learning on the job": through job rotation, the trainee is introduced to a variety of processes as well as departments within the assigned area.
  • A mentor is assigned to each trainee. The mentor will provide advice during the traineeship.
  • Regular feedback conversations are held with the personnel development. 
  • During the course of the year, regular one-day workshops take place, during which freight forwarding matters are discussed in theory.

After concluding the training, a future field of function is decided on together with the trainee with regards to the discovered strengths and interests.

The benefits of the trainee programme:

  • A dual system of theory and practice 
  • Umbrella tasks are better understood because of job rotation
  • Specialisation only follows during the course of training – not before
  • “Gentle induction" into professional life that is accompanied by a personal mentor
  • Networking is welcomed and supported.