Orange College

New paths of advanced training.

The areas in which the Gebrüder Weiss team has to be a leader of its field vary considerably. They range from handling land transport and air freight/sea freight shipments to working out specific logistics solutions and continuously developing our IT services. Orange College offers our employees an internal further training package with a broad range of seminars and training courses.

The training is based on three key foundations:

1. Personal development by external trainers
In recent years, an internal seminar programme was set up and by now, more than 40 seminars are on offer every year. The seminars, held by external trainers, mainly cover topics such as personality development and communication.

2. Internal training by means of knowledge seminars
In each company, a variety of skills and comprehensive knowledge are available – in most cases, this knowledge is neither documented nor accessible. The internal knowledge seminars at Gebrüder Weiss aim at transferring these skills across the company. This is why we have already trained 50 employees to be experts who pass on their specific skills to fellow employees in half or full day courses.

3. Specialised training (languages, logistics, IT etc.)
As we cannot fulfil all wishes and requirements regarding advanced training courses with our internal training programme, employees may take part in external training possibilities, in coordination with and supported by their respective superiors and the personnel department.