Apprenticeship – learning by doing

Starting a career in the orange world with an apprenticeship.

All the beginnings are orange: for GW, apprenticeship training means the possibility of training internal junior staff and technical specialists and to pass on specialist qualifications and expertise. Gebrüder Weiss is currently training apprentices in Austria, Switzerland and Germany.

The skilled trades differ from country to country in terms of their name and field of activity. However, all of our apprentices learn their profession in an excellent learning environment which accompanies and supports them on their career path at Gebrüder Weiss, even after they have completed their training.

In addition to technical training in the areas of transport, warehousing, consultation, logistics, customs clearance or IT, personal aspects are also addressed: the three-year apprenticeship includes group trips, excursions and apprentice camps, as well as sessions to train professional and soft skills. With the acquired expertise, as well as their personal and social abilities, apprentices are able to impress as a specialist in the orange world after completing their training. 

Building towards the future, together
We have set ourselves the following goals for good apprentice training:

  • To make well-founded commercial training possible for young people
  • To develop junior staff/executive managers for the future
  • To meet the demands of today’s business
  • The moral duty to offer jobs in the present climate

Start an apprenticeship with us and experience an excellent start on the orange career path! Find out about the different apprenticeships in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.